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A’niin! Boozhoo!

Kenzie Nindizhinikaaz, and I’m a multi-medium creator specializing in Indigenous visual art. I’m Anishnaabe of M’Chigeeng First Nation (Manitoulin Island), but was raised in an assimilative family far from my family’s homeland as a longstanding citizen of Waterloo Region, particularly Cambridge. Connecting to my culture has been crucial to my growth, wellbeing, and identity as a whole especially as a post-secondary student at University of Waterloo. 

Outside of school and creating art, I enjoy event organizing and creating community building and social networking opportunities for our local indigenous students and community. 

I am a multi-medium artist specializing in: photography, illustration and graphic design, physical art, and writing (both artistic and professional).

I further strive to empower fellow indigenous youth and post secondary students as a whole, to create a strong and united generation of change-makers. I enjoy working with people and bringing their ideas to life as well. I'm the ultimate networker and entrepreneur, and my goals strive beyond the things I create.